Moritz Hebel-Haug

  • Moritz was born in Munich. He obtained his B.Sc. in Psychology at the University of Innsbruck and is currently working on his master's thesis about individual differences in the perception of art photography. His main research interest lies in the intersection between photography and psychology. He also studied at “Ostkreuzschule for Photography” in Berlin to improve his photographic skills. Other areas of interest include mindfulness and aesthetics. Moritz also works as a student assistant in the current project seminar on empirical aesthetics.

Bianca Kreft

  • Bianca was born in Steinfurt, Germany. She is 24 years old and studies Psychology in the second semester of the Master’s program. In 2018, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UMIT – the health and life sciences university in Hall in Tirol, where she also worked as a student assistant at the Institute of Psychology. She worked in the field of Cognition & Action and her Bachelor’s thesis dealt with cognitive bias. Her personal empirical interests include psychological help for people with disabilities, first aid after traumatic crises and psychooncology. Currently, she is working as a tutor in the field of developmental psychology and as a student assistant in the project seminar on empirical aesthetics. For her near future, she is also planning a semester abroad.

Felix Leitner

  • Felix finished the Higher Technical College in Innsbruck before studying Psychology. He specialized in Computer Science and Communication Technology, where basic computer knowledge, programming and database management were taught. Having these abilities is crucial for his role in the project seminar on empirical aesthetics. Felix got interested in psychology because he wanted to work with and help other people. Ever since he started studying in Innsbruck, he has wanted to be part of a project like the one performed in the current project seminar, and also being a musician, the topic of empirical aesthetics just immediately grabbed his attention.

Jana Müller

  • Jana is currently studying Psychology at the University of Innsbruck in the second semester of her Master's degree. She received her Bachelor of Science at UMIT – the health and life science university in Hall, Tyrol (September 2018). During this time she gained research experience through an internship dealing with the topic of human risk behavior in road traffic. She also worked for one and a half years as a student assistant. Her research interests lie in the fields of socio-psychological and clinical topics. Other interests include reading, hiking, yoga and skiing. She currently works as a student assistant for the project seminar on empirical aesthetics.

Franziska Ohm

  • Franziska is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Psychology at the University of Innsbruck, participating in research on music and facial attractiveness (TWF project). After her studies she wants to become a psychotherapist. Her main interests are clinical psychology and social psychology, especially psychoanalytic thoughts about the individual and society. Among other things, she has participated in fundamental research on human thinking. Furthermore, her interests in music (member of a chamber choir, soprano) increases the motivation and pleasure in participating in music research projects.

Ann-Kathrin Rüger

  • Ann-Kathrin was born in Ingolstadt, Germany. She is currently studying Psychology as an undergraduate in her second year at the University of Innsbruck. When being in her hometown, she voluntarily supports the youth work in her church, as she did during her school years. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the piano and singing in the university choir as well as skiing with her friends. She is also taking an Austrian sign language class since last year. She is supporting the team as a research intern.

Daniela Schwarz

  • Daniela is a student of the Bachelor Program Psychology at the University of Innsbruck. Since April 2019 she has been a research intern in the Group of Social Psychology and participates in music-psychological projects. She is interested in research about the origin and function of human music. Currently she contributes to experimental studies investigating the association between music and sexual attraction in laboratory settings and is involved in data analysis and evaluation.

Alumni (2018- )