Mag. Mag. Manuela M. Marin, MSc

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    The first principle is that you must not fool yourself — and you are the easiest person to fool.
    (Richard Feynman)

    Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters
    cannot be trusted with important matters. (Albert Einstein)

    Ehrlichkeit ist ein schönes Juwel, aber ganz außer Mode. (aus England)

Recent Publications

  • Kaisler, R., Marin, M. M., & Leder, H. (2020). Effects of emotional expressions, gaze, and head orientation on person perception in social situations. SAGE Open, 10(3). Link to OA article
  • Marin, M. M. (2020). The role of collative variables in aesthetic experiences. In Nadal, M. & Vartanian, O. (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Empirical Aesthetics. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Link to peer-reviewed e-Book
  • Luef, E. M., & Marin, M. M. (Eds.). (2018). The talking species: Perspectives on the evolutionary, neuronal and cultural foundations of language. Graz: Uni-Press Graz. Link to free, peer-reviewed e-Book
  • Marin, M. M. (2018). Speech processing in congenital amusia: A review of the literature and future directions. In E. M. Luef & M. M. Marin (Eds.), The talking species: Perspectives on the evolutionary, neuronal and cultural foundations of language (pp. 127-165). Graz: Uni-Press Graz. Download
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Current projects and news

  • Summer term 2022 - current courses taught at the University of Innsbruck
    • Lecture: Empirical aesthetics from an interdisciplinary perspective
    • Seminar: Qualitative research methods in psychology
  • Music and sexual attraction
    • funded by the Tiroler Wissenschaftsförderung (01/2019-12/2020)
    • successfully completed! Thanks to all student assistants and participants who were involved in the project.
    • link to talk given at ICMPC-ESCOM 2021 Video
  • ProLehre project seminar on empirical aesthetics SS 2019
    • in cooperation with the Tiroler Landesmuseen and the Tiroler Landeskonservatorium
    • successfully completed - thanks to everybody who made this work possible! Link to report
  • Meet my dedicated team of student assistants and research interns! Link