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    The first principle is that you must not fool yourself — and you are the easiest person to fool.
    (Richard Feynman)

    Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.
    (Helen Keller)

    A sign of a hard worker is one who works without complaint.
    (Sarah Price)

Recent Publications

  • Marin, M. M., & Rathgeber, I. (2022). Darwin’s sexual selection hypothesis revisited: Musicality increases sexual attraction in both sexes. Frontiers in Psychology, 13:971988 Link to OA article
  • Marin, M. M., & Leder, H. (2022). Gaze patterns reveal aesthetic distance while viewing art. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1541(1), 155-165. Link to OA article
  • Kaisler, R., Marin, M. M., & Leder, H. (2020). Effects of emotional expressions, gaze, and head orientation on person perception in social situations. SAGE Open, 10(3). Link to OA article
  • Marin, M. M. (2020 online/ 2022 print). The role of collative variables in aesthetic experiences. In Nadal, M. & Vartanian, O. (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Empirical Aesthetics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
    Link to e-Book
  • Luef, E. M., & Marin, M. M. (Eds.). (2018). The talking species: Perspectives on the evolutionary, neuronal and cultural foundations of language. Graz: Uni-Press Graz. Link to free, peer-reviewed e-Book
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Current projects and news

    Invited to present at the Pint of Science Festival in May, Innsbruck
    Winter term 2022 - courses taught at IMC FH Krems in cooperation
    with Thuongmai University, Hanoi, Vietnam
    • 1st term, BA, Principles in Psychology
    • 3rd term, BA, Social Psychology
    • It was a great experience to contribute to inter-cultural exchange in higher education.
    Music and sexual attraction
    • funded by the Tiroler Wissenschaftsförderung (01/2019-12/2020)
    • successfully completed! Thanks to all student assistants and participants who were involved in the project.